Petralona Cave is one of Europe’s most impressive and important caves thanks to its wealth of fossils (one of the richest collections in Europe) and to the discovery of a human scull that dates back approximately 700.000 years and it is located near the village of Petralona, on Katsika Hill.


Parthenonas is a historical village with some beautifully preserved houses of Macedonian architecture that distinguished for their authentic and traditional character. Parthenonas is a village built on the slopes of Mt. Itamos (Dragoudelis), the main mountain of Sithonia
at the altitude of 350 meters.


Karidi is said to be the most beautiful beach and Sithonia’s fantastic gem.
Wide enough with white sand and exotic, super shallow turquoise waters make an idyllic scenery. It is not well-organized, but it usually gets crowded, there are just some canteens to service tourists and restaurants nearby and also, you will find sea & mountain activities.

It is a family-friendly beach with shallow water forming what looks like a big aquamarine swimming pool. The beach is not organized.


Lagomandra is a Blue Flag awarded beach, wide and long with clear shallow waters, surrounded by pines trees which reach all the way to the sand. It is organized with disabled access, tourist facilities and water sports activities available.

Striking beach popular among tourists features clear blue waters with a pine forest backdrop.


Nikiti is a famous wide, sandy and organized beach which is awarded a Blue Flag. Beside the coast, tourists can find restaurants, taverns, bars and other facilities like water sports activities while disabled access is available.

An excellent beach for those who love beautiful clean water, decorated with a long sandy beach. Nearby are restaurants, bars and accommodation. Everything is at hand. A great place for a complete enjoyment and relaxing vacation.


Porto Koufo is a small fishing village which means in Greek “the deaf port” as sometimes it is possible not even from the sea to be heard. The view of the harbor from the top of the southern pek of the peninsula, Kapros is breathtaking. Try walking the Porto Koufo new route, a 4klm trail and admire the view!

The little village of Porto Koufo has some small traditional tavernas serving tasty Greek cuisine.


Diaporos island is right across Vourvourou village in the Sithonia peninsula. The bay is deep enough for large yachts and the natural beauty of the location is astonishing. There are many reefs where one can snorkel in the crystal clear water.

One can reach them by renting a private boat (no license needed) or paddle your own canoe to explore the several secluded coves surrounded by pine trees and sandy beaches.


Koviou beach located between Kalogria and Agios Ioannis, is a small thought a delightful spot, ideal for families and children. It has soft white sand and shallow warm waters surrounded by lush vegetation. All tourist facilities are available while the place is perfect for snorkelling.


Spathies is close to Kalogria beach, is known for its impressive lagoon which is surrounded by cliffs, rocks and pine trees. It is an unspoiled, not at all organized shore with breathtaking scenery and turquoise, crystal-clear and shallow water.

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