Covid 19

Whilst Covid-19 continues to affect our lives, Halkidiki still remains a safe region with natural beauty and warm Greek hospitality. But most essentially in these times, it is a destination away from mass tourism. A holiday in Halkidiki, in the intimate atmosphere of a private villa makes social distancing easy.

Be assured, hygiene and cleanliness are the number one priority in all our Villas. The villas presented on this site have boosted their hygiene measures and can ensure a safe environment for both, guests and staff. We have received the necessary training to comply with all health protocols.

As things can change quickly at home and in Greece, you will want to plan and book your holiday with flexibility and peace of mind. Therefore, we have modified our cancellation policy to reflect this, ensuring your travel plans are not only safe but flexible too.

Find here some useful links and information on travel and safety protocols:

Swimming Pools

All of our Villas have swimming pools, which are not manned. Please familiarize yourself thoroughly with the depth of the pool and how to get out. Exercise safety and caution at all times, especially with children, non-swimmers and if diving. You are responsible for the supervision of children and non-swimmers.

Local Wildlife

Please note that all of our villas are located in rural areas, where wildlife such as animals and insects are as natural a part of the landscape as the grass and the trees. It would not be particularly unusual to encounter animals, such as snakes, deer, goats, cats (stray or belonging to nearby locals), or insects such as wasps, bees, flies, ants or spiders. Insects and animals can be attracted to swimming pools, nearby streams or ponds, local vegetation or sometimes food left out following an al fresco meal. We would urge you to keep doors and windows closed as far as practicably possible and to clear all remains of food following an outdoor (or indoor) meal. Please do not purposefully feed any local animals – it will encourage them to return and they may not be so welcome to the next guests. Please note that we cannot be held accountable for the presence of animals or insects at the villa you choose. If you suffer allergies triggered by animals, please let us know before booking – whilst we cannot guarantee animals will not be present.

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